The History

Hayes Beer Distributing is a multiple location company with distribution centers in Alsip and Rockford, Illinois. The company was founded by Jim and Jack Hayes in 1956.

Hayes Beer Distributing Company of Alsip is an 180,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility located at 12160 S. Central Ave. in Alsip, Illinois. We currently employ approximately 150 people at this location.

Hayes Beer Distributing Company of Rockford, acquired in 2006, is located at 1819 Elmwood Rd., Rockford, Illinois. Approximately 46 people are employed at this location.

The company sold the Meister Brau brand for the first several years until 1970, when the Miller Brewing Company bought the Meister Brau trademark to begin producing Miller Lite. The Miller Brewing Company unveiled its lower-calorie Lite beer, and in the ensuing years it has surged to the top of the Chicago beer market. Both owners remain active in the day-to-day operation.

In 1986, we moved from our location in Oak Lawn, into our current facility in Alsip. In 1991 we built an additional 50,000 square feet to handle to sales growth in our market. In 1998, we purchased another beer distributor and added yet another addition to our building. In 2005, we added approximately 45 more brands to our portfolio. And, in 2006, we acquired another distributorship in Rockford, IL. Hayes Beer Distributing Company remains the largest beer distributor in the state of Illinois and one of the largest Miller Brewing Company distributors in the country.

We currently provide service to more than 2,000 retail accounts between the two locations. We proudly represent the entire portfolio of the Miller Brewing Company, as well as Heineken, Corona, Coors, Samuel Adam's and Mike's Hard Lemonade to name a few.

We strive to provide superior and reliable service to our retail customers. It remains our goal to earn our customers' business and assist them in achieving their goals.


12160 S. Central Avenue, Alsip, Illinois 60803
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